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Digital ultrasound imaging procedures are a valuable diagnostic tool for a variety of medical conditions because they provide real time images of the inner organs. Reasons for a Digital Ultrasound
An ultrasound can be used to monitor and diagnose a wide range of conditions within nearly any system of the body. This test may be performed on patients experiencing pain, swelling or infection in a certain area of the body.
The images produced by an ultrasound may help: Assess a breast lump
Diagnose gallbladder disease, some infections, some cancers
Reveal abnormalities of the muscles
Evaluate the heart
Assess the thyroid gland
Guide a needle during a biopsy
Check blood flow
Obtain images of a fetus
Ultrasounds, however, are not the ideal imaging test to view organs surrounded by bones, as sound waves cannot travel through bone; a different imaging test, such as CT scan, should be used for such cases. The Benefits of a Digital Ultrasound
An ultrasound is a noninvasive, simple procedure that can produce images of the soft tissues, which often don't show up well on X-rays. New technological advances have allowed for digital ultrasound scanners that offer higher quality images to be used. This improved quality allows doctors to use ultrasound to identify not only the presence of an abnormality but also what it actually is. Digital ultrasound scanners also process signals simultaneously, allowing for an increased frame rate.

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